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Q: What is a Licensed Veterinary Technician?

A: an individual who has graduated from a 2 year AVMA accredited program to be a veterinarian's nurse, laboratory technician, radiography technician, anesthetist, surgical nurse, and client educator. They typically must pass a credentialing exam.

Q: How do I become an LVT in another state?

A: Regulations between state to state differ when it comes to licensing, registering or credentialing veterinary technicians. Most states use the Veterinary Technician National Exam; regardless of title, upon passing - you can have the score transferred to another state IF the two states use the same exam. In most cases, after the state fee, you are then considered certified, licensed, registered in that state. To find what your state requires, go to the AAVSB website by clicking here

Q: What are the duties and responsibilities of an LVT?

A: Under the direct supervision of a veterinarian, an LVT can perform the following:

    • Anesthesia induction via intramuscular injection
    • Application of splints and casts
    • Simple dental extractions of single rooted teeth that does not involve flaps or tooth sectioning
    • Accessing small stock of schedule II drugs with a separate lock
An LVT is NOT allowed to perform the following:
    • Prescribe (medications, drugs and appliances)
    • Perform surgery
    • Diagnose
    • Offer prognosis
    • Initiate treatment without prior instruction from a veterinarian

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