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Learn more about the 2019 VVC lectures below. This page will be continuously updated as we receive additional session descriptions from the speakers.

Julie Antonellis, LVT, VTS (ECC)

Sponsored by Care Credit

"Patient Care from an Emergency Critical Care Perspective" - In this lecture, Julie will share her approach to patient care. She will discuss topics ranging from how to get the most out of rounds, to managing the mental stresses that affect us through the process. Julie will let you in on her secrets to working more efficiently and will take about the importance of taking ownership of the cases you treat. Attendees will leave this lecture inspired to tackle patient care from a new perspective and will enrich their patients' lives because of it.

"Taking the Shock Factor out of Shock"  - Shock is a widely used, but not always fully understood, term in veterinary medicine. Having a true understanding of what shock means and how our patients are affected by it can help us to better serve them. Without this knowledge, we may miss very important and potentially subtle signs in our patients that should prompt us to either monitor more closely or treat earlier. In this lecture, participants will be shocked about how much they will learn about this condition and the importance of early recognition and treatment. They will gain an understanding of the different types of shock that may affect their patients. They will learn how to recognize shock in their patients even when the signs may be subtle. Lecture participants will be advised on how to differentiate between the different stages of shock and when to become more vigilant in monitoring for changes in their patients. They will also gain an understanding of treatment options and monitoring their patients and how those options may differ depending on the type and stage of shock the patient is in. The presentation will conclude with participants applying the information they learned to real life case reports that are presented. 

 Chad Brown, DVM

Sponsored by Zoetis

"Fill a Need - Adding Small Ruminants to your Small Animal Practice" - Do you have an interest in farm animals but want to stay indoors? Adding small ruminant medicine and surgery to a small animal clinic is much easier than one may think. Sometimes all it takes is a motivated veterinary technician willing to take the initiative.

"Be your Clinic's "Go To" Anesthesia Technician, Part I" - Do you want to be the technician that confidently monitors anesthesia? To be a "go to" technician, you must have a thorough understanding of the basics. Join us as we dive into a deeper understanding of the most common premeds and induction agents used in practice today.
"Be your Clinic's "Go To" Anesthesia Technician, Part II" - Let's face it - anesthesia can sometimes cause real stress! To be a "go to" technician, you must be able to stay calm under the pressure. We will discuss tips and tricks on how to handle a multitude of different anesthesia scenarios such as monitoring pediatric patients, cardiac/liver/renal disease patients, etc. You don't want to miss it.

 Kris Keane, BAS, LVT

"Common Questions in Canine and Feline Dentistry"


  Maureen Kelleher, DVM, CVA, DACVS

Sponsored by Virginia Tech Marion Dupont Scott Equine Medical Center

"Radiology for the Veterinary Technician" -This will be a review of radiographic science and safety. There will be discussion of techniques to improve quality of radiographic images. 

"Advanced Imagining in Veterinary Medicine" -This will be a review and discussion of nuclear medicine imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, and computed tomography used in both small animal and equine medicine.  


  Kenichiro Yagi, MS, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM)

"Evidence-based CPR: The RECOVER Guidelines"
 - A patient is rushed into your practice, and you witness the patient stop breathing! Do you know what to do next? Cardiopulmonary arrest is the ultimate emergency facing our patients. Clear knowledge on the current methods in CPR is important in providing these patients the best chance of survival. The 2012 RECOVER CPR guideline is an evidence-based veterinary CPR guideline. The effect of implementation of such a guideline into practice, and one hospital's experience will also be shared.

"Mythbusters: ECC Nursing Myths and Truths" (An audience-guided content lecture) - Various nursing practice are considered to be "standard of care", but are they really? Some nursing practices are continued out of tradition, while some might have valid evidence to support its use. There also are topics of controversy that commonly spur debate. Recent evidence elucidating many prominent questions will be answered, and the methods in incorporating evidence into nursing practice is discussed. The content of the lecture is guided by audience interest.


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